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A collection of great books, sermons, and stories that will intellectually challenge you and foster great discussions in the Christian community.

Cultivate Journal Work: From Creation To Eternity Issue no. 1

Most of the Bible is made up of stories – or really, one grand story. If we want to understand God’s plan for anything – family, education, war, politics, art, employment – then we must become students of God’s broader story, the metanarrative that runs through all of life from before the foundations of the world and through eternity.

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Breaking Out of the Grid

Nancy Randolph Pearcey

Crisis of Work

Miroslav Volf

Each and All

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hard Times

Charles Dickens

It's Only the Beginning

Stephen J. Nichols


William Blake

Leaf by Niggle

J. R. R. Tolkien

Les Miserables

Victor Hugo

Majesty and Mystery

David Atkinson

On The Incarnation

St. Athanasius

Practicing the King's Economy

Brian Fikkert The Chalmers Center


Blake Schwarz


Albert M. Wolters


Cornelius Plantinga Jr.


James K. A. Smith

Seeking Justice as Vocation

Reid Porter Advocates for Community Transformation

The Centrality of Death

Francis Schaeffer

The Elixir

George Herbert

The Innkeeper

John Piper

Work: From Creation to Eternity

Topics: Work & Creation
Blake Schwarz

You Are What You Love

James K. A. Smith