Equipping the church for the work of ministry

The Pegasus Institute exists to equip the people of God for the work of ministry in their particular vocations through worship, formation, and mission.

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February 27th, 2019

Church in the City Public Theology and the Common Good

James K. A. Smith James K. A. Smith

Our Programs

The Pegasus Institute seeks to cultivate joyful disciples of Jesus Christ who see their vocations as integral to the mission of God. Our methods are aimed at forming an integrated biblical imagination for a public faith.

Pegasus Fellowship

The Pegasus Fellowship is an intensive nine-month theological and spiritual development program designed to equip Christians for gospel leadership in the world.

Pegasus Internship

The Pegasus Internship is a 12-week summer internship for college students that integrates theological reflection, spiritual formation, leadership development, and practical work experience.


Develop a theologically-informed imagination with regard to all aspects of life, with a special emphasis on the place we spend most of our time —the workplace.


Join a community of peers from diverse backgrounds and vocations to discuss theological concepts and their implications for how we are called to live.


Learn to apply the solid theological, spiritual, and relational foundations toward the spiritual, social, and cultural renewal of Dallas.

The Cultivate Journal
Cultivate Journal Work: From Creation To Eternity Issue no. 1

Most of the Bible is made up of stories – or really, one grand story. If we want to understand God’s plan for anything – family, education, war, politics, art, employment – then we must become students of God’s broader story, the metanarrative that runs through all of life from before the foundations of the world and through eternity.

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