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Cultivate is a curated spiritual formation reader designed with the busy professional in mind. We hope that it will introduce you to great books, sermons, and stories that will intellectually challenge you and foster great discussions in the Christian community.

Cultivate Journal Fall: Is Work A Four Letter Word? Issue no. 3

If Cultivate No 2 was a light and fun read, the texts that follow in No 3 are sobering. As we know, all good stories have a terrible wrong that needs to be set right, an evil to be eradicated, an obstacle to overcome, a wickedness to be defeated. In this issue we focus on sin and the fall and how sin perverts, pollutes, and disintegrates everything. Specifically, we examine how sin has driven a wedge between work and worship.

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Cultivate Journal Creation: Worshipful Workers Made In The Image Of God Issue no. 2

The first two chapters of Genesis lay the foundation for all that is about to happen. As in all good stories, there will be a terrible wrong that needs to be set right, but before we get there, we need to meet the characters, understand their roles, and enter into their world. In this issue we seek to lay the foundation for the grand story of redemption. As we do, we will be able to dig deeper into the story and better understand our place in it.

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Cultivate Journal Work: From Creation To Eternity Issue no. 1

Most of the Bible is made up of stories – or really, one grand story. If we want to understand God’s plan for anything – family, education, war, politics, art, employment – then we must become students of God’s broader story, the metanarrative that runs through all of life from before the foundations of the world and through eternity.

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